Friday, May 12, 2023

Link Dump #87

Sun, coffee and something to read - what more do you need?

  1. Software Architecture
    1. Managing Data Residency - concepts and theory #PickOfTheWeek
      In this post, you can look at data residency and draft of architecture design to implement it.
  2. Software Development
    1. What is InnerSource? #PickOfTheWeek
      Learn more about open source practices for your internal software engineering organization.
    2. Observability Costs are too Damn High
      Thanks to new observability tools and techniques, it’s possible to collect all of the data neeedג, without allocating a tremendous portion of the overall IT budget to it.
    3. Updates to Ververica Platform
      The post takes a look at what new features have been added to two new releases of Ververica Platform.
    4. Non-relational Oracle
      Working with Oracle or PostgreSQL doesn’t mean you are condemned to use ubiquitous relational tables. Read an article and find out why.
    5. What Does An SRE Do? #PickOfTheWeek
      Who Site Reliability Engineering is? What are Service Level Indicators and Service Level Objectives? Are they the same as Service Level Agreements? Learn that and more in this article.
    6. Why I'm not so alarmed about AI and jobs
      LLMs and AI will change things. It will improve efficiency. It will disrupt some industries. And we have to debate this.
  3. Testing
    1. Spring Boot Testing Best Practices
      In this article, the author explains some common testing Spring Boot testing best practices to provide a good starting point for testing enterprise Spring Boot applications.
  4. Java
    1. Scoped Values in Java 20
      In the article, you will learn about scoped values, an incubator preview feature of Java 20. You can see what are the differences between scoped values and thread-local variables.
  5. Agile
    1. Rules of Thumb for Software Development Estimations #PickOfTheWeek
      No one is perfect when it comes to task estimation. It's a skill that takes time and experience to develop. In the article, you will find a lot of great suggestions and tips.
  6. Leadership
    1. What Jazz Can Teach Leaders about Innovation and Teamwork #PickOfTheWeek
      Jazz teaches leaders the importance of forgiving mistakes that happen as part of exploration and experimentation.

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