Friday, June 2, 2023

Link Dump #90

The weather is great, the reading is here. What else do you need?

  1. BookOfTheMonth: Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#

  2. Software Architecture
    1. 5 Must-Know Distributed Systems Design Patterns for Event-Driven Architectures #PickOfTheWeek
      Explore the key design patterns that power today’s robust Event-Driven Systems.
  3. Software Development
    1. Discover AIOps and MLOps
      What are the benefits and core elements of Artificial Intelligence Operations and Machine Learning Operations?
  4. Clean Code
    1. Building your own feature flag platform might be a mistake
      By incorporating strategic distillation techniques from Domain-Driven Design, developers can better assess whether a home-grown solution is worth the effort or if a ready-made solution is more appropriate.
    2. Using anti-requirements to find system boundaries #PickOfTheWeek
      Anti-requirements are one strategy we can use to find our logical service boundaries. Learn how to use them to make your understanding and the design better.
  5. Testing
    1. A Comprehensive Guide To Shift Left Testing #PickOfTheWeek
      The shift-left strategy in testing is a transformative approach that involves testing activities earlier in the software development lifecycle. Learn what benefits it gives and how to implement it.
    2. Gray Box Testing Using the OAT Technique #PickOfTheWeek
      In the article, you will read about the OAT technique to understand gray box testing, and how using this technique drastically reduces the number of test scenarios.
  6. Libraries
    1. How to persist additional attributes for an association with JPA and Hibernate
      How do you model a primary key that consists of 2 foreign keys when you need to create an entity for the join table and add the attributes there?
  7. Self-development
    1. To Improve Your Work Performance, Get Some Exercise
      Learn about daily physical activity that impacts employees and organizations.

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