Friday, September 8, 2023

Link Dump #103

Another day begins! And what could be greatest for the beginning of the day than reading:

  1. Software Development
    1. Getting Started With Rancher Cheatsheet
      Good article for everyone who would like to learn a bit about Rancher or would like to start their journey with this tool.
    2. Some possible reasons for 8-bit bytes #PickOfTheWeek
      Have you ever wondered why the x86 architecture uses 8-bit bytes? Why not some other size? In the article, you can find possible answers for this question.
    3. Tabs are objectively better than spaces
      The final answer for one of the infinite discussion among developers :P
    4. Despite Concerns, AI Increasingly Used to Build Software
      One way or another, DevOps workflows are about to be transformed. The challenge now is determining which tasks and bottlenecks are likely to be eliminated by AI to enable DevOps teams.
  2. Clean Code
    1. Aging Code #PickOfTheWeek
      Each situation is unique, and the decision to refactor, rewrite, or adopt new technology should be based on a careful assessment of your specific circumstances. The key is to find the sweet spot where mature systems and innovative technology can coexist harmoniously.
  3. Fun
    1. Developer Activities

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