Who am I?

I am an object-oriented fanatic who constantly deepens his knowledge in all subjects related to OOP. I specialize in object-oriented design and programming, software architecture, code quality, and Agile methodologies.
I always verify against reality things I learn about because I believe that theory not reflected in practice becomes useless and even dangerous.

On my blog I write about things related to the quality of the code and ways of improving it.

I’m a lazy person and that’s why I’m constantly looking for ideas and solutions that would help me do more with less effort. I’m always keen on introducing activities, tools and practices that make developers’ life easier by taking from them responsibilities of thinking about many aspects of their work.

I try to inspire people, motivate them and help them grow. I try to serve them with advice and support in developing their strengths in the best possible way.

I’m also a speaker, writer and contributor to several blogs (DZone, JavaCodeGeeks) about Software Development and Agile Software Craftsmanship.

I’m also a consultant and trainer.

If you need help or have ideas that you would like to talk about or challenge, don’t hesitate and contact me:

  1. sebastian.malaca[at]gmail.com
  2. LinkedIn

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