Who am I?

I'm a leader who cares about both the goal and the people who work to achieve it. I'm a software architect who does the best to build flexible applications that are easy to develop, understand and maintain. I'm a software engineer who cares about quality, clean code and customers needs. I'm a trainer, consultant and speaker (Devoxx, GeeCON, JDD) who helps other build greater software.

My training offer:
  1. Event Storming
  2. Domain-Driven Design
  3. Microservices
  4. Event-Driven Architecture
  5. Refactoring
  6. Tackling Legacy Code
  7. Test-Driven Development
  8. Behavior-Driven Development
  9. Testing

If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate and contact me:
  1. sebastian.malaca[at]gmail.com
  2. GitHub
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn

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