Wednesday, August 22, 2018

JDD is coming!

I have some good news! Once again, I have become the Community Partner of JDD – one of the biggest Java conferences in Poland. 

When? October 8-9th
Where? Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury in Cracow 

There is a great deal for my fans – use the code “LET’S_TALK_ABOUT_JAVA” and grab 15% discount! 
Register here -> 

What new at JDD this year? 
The schedule includes Spring, Serverless, Reactive Streams, GraphQL, REST Api, Reactive Programming and Java, Java 8, Java 9 i Java 10, of course! 
“Meat and practice” - live coding, case studies – this is what you can expect from JDD this year. 
This time you’ll see on the scene:

  1. Patrick Kua (Talking with Tech Leads)
  2. Oleh Dokuka (Refactor to Reactive with Spring 5 and Reactor 3)
  3. Vladimir Tsukur (GraphQL - APIs the New Way)
  4. Jacek Kunicki (How (Not) to Use Reactive Streams in Java 9+)
  5. Jarosław Pałka (new"jdd.json"); is this really that simple?)
  6. Tomasz Nurkiewicz (Reactive programming: lessons learned) 

And many others! 

Check them out -> 

Don’t forget about the code “LET’S_TALK_ABOUT_JAVA” and register here -> 
You can find more information about JDD on the website ->

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