Friday, December 17, 2021

Link Dump #17

If you just wonder what to do - I've got an idea! Coffee and something to read is always a good start of the day :)

  1. Software Architecture
    1. Web3, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain
      What Web 3.0 is and how we’re building the next generation of applications.
  2. Software Development
    1. The four engineering metrics that will streamline your software delivery #PeekOfTheWeek
      What are the findings of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team at Google six-year program to understand what sets high-performing software engineering teams apart from low-performing software engineering teams.
    2. Simple things that are actually hard: user authentication
      Just use Spring Security with basic configuration and you are done! Not at all :)
    3. Visualize your Apache Kafka Streams using the Quarkus Dev UI
      Article shows how you can visualize Apache Kafka Streams with reactive applications using the Dev UI in Quarkus.
    4. Log4j: Is There Such a Thing as ‘Too Much’ Open Source?
      The few are as prepared to respond to an important security vulnerability as the open source software developers.
  3. Security
    1. What is Log4j 2 issue? How to solve Log injection? [Tactical and Permanent Fix] #PeekOfTheWeek
      What exactly is the Log4j2 issue and RCE Vulnerability and how can you solve it?
  4. Clean Code
    1. Be Scrappy, Not Crappy #PeekOfTheWeek
      Terms like “iterating quickly” and “agile” are more often than not an excuse for writing crappy code. Article gives some tips that help you not fall into this trap.
    2. On Code Reviews #PeekOfTheWeek
      A few thoughts on the value of code reviews, and how to make the process efficient.
  5. Testing
    1. How we can leverage Artificial Intelligence to Automate Software Application Testing
      All teams should consider adopting AI for their testing services in order to keep up with the times and not be left behind.
    2. How to Assert Database State? #PickOfTheWeek
      What are the best ways to check the database state?
  6. Java, Libraries, Frameworks
    1. JDK 17 - Switch Case Performance
      Author compares the performance of old and new switch statement implementations and verifies their performance.
    2. Lombok Using @With Annotations
      Articles shows how you can make copies of immutable objects with changes to only a single property using lombok.
  7. Cloud
    1. AWS Outage and App Resiliency: Did a Roomba Replace the Canary?
      Teams need to focus on the resiliency of an application and assume that the underlying IaaS will fail for one reason or another.
  8. Leadership
    1. It’s Time to Listen More to Your Employees!
      We need leaders who focus on building the organizations they run, not their own egos.
  9. Project Management
    1. Estimating: How, Why, Don't
      Instead of trying to solve the unsolvable, focus your estimates inward and use them to help and protect your team.
  10. Fun
    1. CO2 Capture Machine
    2. Organic Growth
    3. To Log or Not To Log

Do you want more?

  1. Clean Architecture online course (Polish) - I show practial usage of Hexagonal Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development and many, many more.

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