Friday, June 3, 2022

Link Dump #39

Another great week is almost over. It would be great to read something before the weekend:

  1. Software Architecture
    1. HBase Vs MongoDB – A Thorough Comparison Between NoSQL Databases
      In the world governed by Big Data and BI solutions, it is a difficult choice to make, especially when it is like choosing the better out of the best. Post tries to make your decision simpler and easier!
    2. Draw architecture diagrams like a boss! #PickOfTheWeek
      Get familiar with Diagrams – an open-source tool to generate beautiful diagrams from Python code.
  2. Software Development
    1. Why it’s never a good idea to test your idea #PickOfTheWeek
      When someone has got "a good idea" ask them what problem they think it solves and what are the other possible solutions.
  3. Testing
    1. Three Common Testing Mistakes – And Solutions #PickOfTheWeek
      Advice on three typical testing mistakes and how developers can improve the accuracy and breadth of their testing environment.
  4. Security
    1. Stack under attack: what we learned about handling DDoS attacks #PickOfTheWeek
      Some of the general tactics that Stack Overflow used to dampen the effect of DDoS attacks.
  5. Growth
    1. Perfect Practice
      Do you need training or more practice?
    2. More Practice #PickOfTheWeek
      Learning is making mistakes, but how can you recognize mistakes? How can you notice the gap?
  6. Leadership
    1. 4 ways to set team norms
      How do you enforce team norms lightly when you have a disruptive member?
  7. Fun 
    1. The Value of Cool

Do you want more?

  1. Clean Architecture online course (Polish) - I show practial usage of Hexagonal Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development and many, many more.

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