Friday, September 9, 2022

Link Dump #53

Even if you are not going to school anymore, there's still way to learn new things:

  1. #BookOfTheWeekMythical Man-Month

  2. Software Architecture
    1. A quick glance at the Kubernetes Gateway API
      Article explains what Gateway API is and how to configure it.
    2. Request Batch
      Combine multiple requests to optimally utilise the network.
  3. Software Development
    1. Challenges and practical lessons from building a deep-learning-based ads CTR prediction model
      Some practical lessons when building a deep-learning based click-through-rate (CTR) prediction model.
    2. Rollout Strategies with Feature Flags #PickOfTheWeek
      The article discusses different rollout strategies that are possible when using feature flags and when they make sense.
    3. Dispatching Queries in Axon Framework
      Get familiar with three approaches to dispatching queries within the Axon Framework: point-to-point queries, scatter-gather queries, and subscription queries.
  4. Clean Code
    1. Don't Group Exception Catchers #PickOfTheWeek
      Author explains why grouping exception types in a single catch block is bad practice.
    2. Collaborative Process Modelling with EventStorming #PickOfTheWeek
      Brief explanation of the Event Storming technique - what it is? How to use it? What are the benefits?
  5. Growth
    1. Impostor Syndrome as a Programmer #PickOfTheWeek
      Author shares her experience as well as some actionable steps you can take to manage your own impostor syndrome.
  6. Fun
    1. Smoke Test

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