Friday, January 20, 2023

Link Dump #71

It is snowing again! How about a cup of warm coffee and something to read:

  1. Software Architecture
    1. CxOs neglect architecture at their peril #PickOfTheWeek
      It’s essential that an organization’s leaders pay attention to software architecture.
  2. Software Development
    1. Achieving side project success
      Four useful tips to focus on what matters most when you start your own side project.
    2. There Is No Software Maintenance #PickOfTheWeek
      Software development does not have the two phases development and maintenance – it is a continuous process.
    3. The Problem With Dependency Injection Frameworks #PickOfTheWeek
      Is the problem with dependency injection or only with dependency injection frameworks?
    4. Will ChatGPT Replace Developers?
      There will always be tasks that developers with human cognition can do that machines will never be capable of.
  3. Libraries and Frameworks
    1. Just, a New CLI for Spring Boot Applications
      Just is a command line tool that requires zero configuration and increases the Java development experience while building Spring Boot applications.
    2. Implementing Retry In Kafka Consumer
      Article shows how to implement blocking and non-blocking retry and explains what are the differences between them.
  4. Leadership
    1. Research: Why Leaders Should Be Open About Their Flaws
      Recent research has found that effective leadership isn’t about always being perfect, but about being genuine.
    2. Mailing It In #PickOfTheWeek
      What is it that would give your company, your team, a leg up in team member engagement?

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