Friday, June 9, 2023

Link Dump #91

How about good reading before the weekend?

  1. Software Development
    1. Cache Strategies Everyone Should Know
      In the article, you will learn what cache is and what are advantages of it. You will also learn the different types of caching.
    2. Coming Soon: AutoOps
      We have DevOps, GitOps, DevSecOps, IaC, CloudOps, AIOps … and the list is still growing. But they all move toward one thing: AutoOps.
    3. Technical Debt is Inevitable. Here’s How to Manage It #PickOfTheWeek
      It doesn’t matter if you’re using a waterfall or agile methodology. Ultimately, most technology becomes technical debt one day. Learn how to tackle it.
  2. Clean Code
    1. What If You *Are* Going To Need It? #PickOfTheWeek
      Software design is not about minimizing design complexity, but rather spending our complexity budget where it can do the most good.
  3. Testing
    1. The Future of Continuous Testing in CI/CD
      In this article, the author explores continuous testing from its current state and its future in CI/CD to the emerging technologies and trends that will shape its development.
    2. Tutorial to End-To-End Testing #PickOfTheWeek
      What E2E testing is? What are its key benefits? How is it different from other testing types? Learn that and more in this article.
  4. Leadership
    1. Purpose for Each Interview Question #PickOfTheWeek
      Every interview question needs to have a purpose. Define the purpose and reorient the question so the candidate doesn’t make up a bunch of stuff they think you want to hear.
  5. Growth
    1. Low goals: 7 unexpected advantages
      Better to set a small goal and meet it than a grand goal and feel defeated.

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