Friday, October 27, 2023

Link Dump #110

Are you ready for another worth reading articles? I'm sure you are:

  1. Software Architecture
    1. Revolutionizing Real-Time Streaming Processing: 4 Trillion Events Daily at LinkedIn #PickOfTheWeek
      Learn how the Apache Beam played a pivotal role in revolutionizing and scaling LinkedIn's data infrastructure.
    2. Embracing the Strangler Fig pattern for legacy modernization #PickOfTheWeek
      Delve into the essence of the Strangler Fig pattern, explore its mechanics and the rationale behind its adoption for legacy system modernization.
  2. Software Development
    1. Getting Started with Generative AI
      How can you, your business unit, and your enterprise utilize the exciting and emerging field of Generative AI to develop brand-new functionality?
    2. Apache Kafka Troubleshooting Doesn’t Need to Be Scary: Essential Resources for Developers #PickOfTheWeek
      Check out the six popular resources presented in the article for the best tips on how to debug a variety of common Kafka issues.
    3. Private Estimates, Public Progress
      How to make the progress more visible? How to make sure priorities are known?
  3. Clean Code
    1. Improve Readability With Positive Booleans
      Reading healthy code should be as easy as reading a book in your native language. You shouldn’t have to stop and puzzle over what a line of code is doing.
    2. Simplify Your Control Flows
      When adding loops and conditionals, even simple code can become difficult to understand.
  4. Leadership
    1. Empowering Senior and Middle Developers Through the Magic of Hackathons
      In this article, the authors embark on a journey into the exhilarating universe of hackathons, they explore the myriad reasons why senior and mid-level developers should eagerly participate in these intense, time-bound coding competitions.
  5. Growth
    1. Proven Ways To Instantly Improve Performance At Work
      In this comprehensive guide, you will get equipped with proven strategies to instantly improve performance at work.
  6. Fun
    1. DevOps Jeopardy

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