Friday, January 5, 2024

Link Dump #120

What is the best start of the New Year? New and fresh set of articles

  1. #BookOfTheMonth: The Design and Evolution of C++, First Edition

  2. Software Development
    1. Optimize Your Deployments: Docker Image Best Practices
      To ensure optimal performance, scalability, and security, it’s essential to follow best practices when creating and managing Docker images. In this article, you will learn about key strategies to optimize your deployments through Docker image best practices.
    2. The Importance of Quality Requirements in Software Development
      In this article, you will delve into the critical role played by quality requirements and the tension most software projects experience in managing these two types of requirements.
    3. Decoding Database Architecture: Unveiling Table Structures and Their Significance
      In the intricate realm of data management, the structure of database tables serves as the backbone for organizing and storing information. This article delves into the essence of table structures, unraveling their complexities, and understanding their pivotal role in efficient data management.
    4. Fostering Product-Thinking Within Your Team #PickOfTheWeek
      By focusing our improvements around mindset and less on promoting “foolproof processes” we promote the agility of the team. This agility allows for organizations to react quickly to changing market conditions, leveraging the empowered team to extract and deliver continuous value to customers.
  3. Clean Code
    1. The failed promise of Domain-Driven Design - part 1 #PickOfTheWeek
      Where DDD is now, nearly twenty years after its original inception. Did it meet the expectations it has created? What problems can truly be solved by applying DDD? Is DDD the most effective way to tackle them?
    2. Legacy Seam #PickOfTheWeek
      When working with a legacy system it is valuable to identify and create seams: places where we can alter the behavior of the system without editing source code.
  4. Leadership
    1. Can Workplaces Have Too Much Psychological Safety?
      The authors found that when you move from average to high levels of psychological safety, performance in routine jobs actually declines.
    2. Want to Be a Better Leader? Stop Thinking About Work After Hours.
      It’s not uncommon for managers to continue thinking about their job, even after the official workday is over. Constant rumination leads managers to be more depleted and less able to show up as leaders.
  5. Communication
    1. Using a Message Box for planning a presentation
      In the article, the author explains how you can improve your message by using a message box.

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