Friday, March 8, 2024

Link Dump #129

You can learn, explore and discover - and if you read, you can do it sitting on your favourite chair and drinking good coffee.

  1. Software Architecture
    1. Doubles Delivery Performance Using DORA Metrics and Micro Frontends
      The team in’s fintech business unit implemented a series of improvements across the backend and the frontend of its platform and was able to double the delivery performance, as measured by DORA metrics.
    2. Evolving from Rule-based Classifier: Machine Learning Powered Auto Remediation in Netflix Data Platform #PickOfTheWeek
      In this blog post, you will learn about Auto Remediation, which integrates the currently used rule-based classifier with an ML service and aims to automatically remediate failed jobs without human intervention.
    3. Data Mesh Evolved: How Version 2.0 Revolutionizes Data Governance
      What exactly sets Data Mesh 2.0 apart? In this comprehensive guide, the author will embark on a journey of discovery, unveiling the secrets behind this transformative approach.
    4. Three Titans Clash: API Gateway, Reverse Proxy, and Load Balancer #PickOfTheWeek
      In the ever-evolving landscape of microservices architecture, three titans reign supreme: the API Gateway, the Reverse Proxy, and the Load Balancer. Each holds immense power, serving as critical gateways for managing and optimizing API traffic.
  2. Software Development
    1. Understanding Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
      CI/CD represents a paradigm shift in software development, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality software rapidly and reliably.
    2. Three warning signs costs could bottleneck growth
      The author describes symptoms that may be a sign to shift the company’s focus to how to better manage costs before they hold back growth. With the right oversight and optimizations, you can get control of costs early.
    3. Secure by Design: Google’s Perspective on Memory Safety #PickOfTheWeek
      In this post, the authors share their perspective on memory safety in a comprehensive whitepaper. This paper delves into the data, challenges of tackling memory unsafety, and discusses possible approaches for achieving memory safety and their tradeoffs.
    4. Understanding Cache Invalidation Techniques
      Let’s explore various techniques of cache invalidation in detail to understand how they contribute to optimizing performance and user experience.
    5. 7 API Observability Anti-Patterns to Avoid #PickOfTheWeek
      Observability has become a buzzword, and the API world is slowly catching up. But be careful when looking for content about API observability- there are many outdated best practices and irrelevant pieces of content.
  3. Languages and Libraries
    1. Java’s Quantum Leap: Mastering the Innovations of Java 21
      This comprehensive guide delves into the heart of Java 21, meticulously dissecting its groundbreaking features and empowering you to harness their full potential.
  4. Fun
    1. Modern Currency
    2. CodeSOD: Moving in a Flash

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