Friday, July 8, 2022

Link Dump #44

It's Friday, coffee is warm (or cold) and something to read is waiting for you:

  1. BookOfTheWeek #2Designing Data-Intensive Applications
  2. Software Development
    1. Migration madness: How to navigate the chaos of large cross-team initiatives towards a common goal #PickOfTheWeek
      LinkedIn's learnings, tips, and tricks for successfully executing distributed-effort, cross-functional initiatives.
    2. More Than Half of DevOps Pros Have Backdoor Access to IT Infrastructure
      Brief walk through a survey of 600 DevOps professionals conducted by strongDM.
  3. Testing
    1. Automated Tests Are the Safety Net that Saves You #PickOfTheWeek
      Safety net of a software project is its most valuable asset.
  4. Libraries
    1. Hibernate’s StatelessSession – What it is and how to use it
      The StatelessSession is a proprietary Hibernate feature that provides a command-oriented API that’s much closer to JDBC. In the article you will see a few examples of how to use it to implement typical read and write operations.
  5. Time Management
    1. 12 Battle-Tested Time Management Techniques for a More Productive Coding Routine #PickOfTheWeek
      Using time in an efficient way improves your work quality and requires self-discipline and competence.
  6. Growth
    1. Learning Something New
      What stops us from learning is often something inside our own head.
  7. Fun
    1. Joy

Do you want more?

  1. Clean Architecture online course (Polish) - I show practial usage of Hexagonal Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development and many, many more.

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