Friday, July 29, 2022

Link Dump #47

Holiday season does not mean you should take free days from reading:

  1. #BookOfTheWeek: Working Effectively with Legacy Code
  2. Software Architecture
    1. Event Sourcing: Why Kafka is not suitable as an Event Store #PickOfTheWeek
      Don’t believe everything a company or some consultants want to sell you!
    2. 5 Options for Deploying Microservices
      Microservice applications can run in many ways, each with different tradeoffs and cost structures.
  3. Software Development
    1. 6 strategic ways to level up your CI/CD pipeline
      From incorporating accessibility testing to implementing blue-green deployment models, here are six practical and strategic ways to improve your CI/CD pipeline.
  4. Code Quality
    1. A practical guide to changing code so you can understand it #PickOfTheWeek
      By leaning on automated refactoring tools, we can shuffle code around with reasonable confidence that we’re not changing any behaviour.
    2. How to Find the Value in Legacy Code #PickOfTheWeek
      Legacy code is code that delivers more in value than it costs to maintain.
  5. Testing
    1. Spring Boot Testing: MockMvc vs. WebTestClient vs. TestRestTemplate
      The article gives you an overview of where and how those three classes are intended to be used, including their differences.
  6. Java
    1. 7 reasons Java is still great
      Java has endured radical transformations in the technology landscape and many threats to its prominence. What makes this technology so great, and what does the future hold for Java?
  7. Leadership
    1. Fear and Hesitation #PickOfTheWeek
      The power of visualization, to a real time in the future, works to conquer more than problems.
  8. Growth
    1. 5 ways to protect yourself from stress
      Life without stress is tedious. Chronic stress kills you. Moderate stress brings you to life.
  9. Fun
    1. Complexity
    2. Unit Tests

Do you want more?

  1. Clean Architecture online course (Polish) - I show practial usage of Hexagonal Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development and many, many more.

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