Friday, December 9, 2022

Link Dump #66

Hope you get some great books from Santa :)


  1. Software Development
    1. Ready-to-go sample data pipelines with Dataflow #PickOfTheWeek
      Post is for all data practitioners, who are interested in learning about bootstrapping, standardization and automation of batch data pipelines at Netflix.
    2. A History of Distributed Tracing
      In distributed systems, response latency can have a significant commercial impact. Identifying bottlenecks and understanding how a request moves through a complex system is complicated.
    3. What Are Apache Kafka Consumer Group IDs?
      What consumer group is and how to use it well?
  2. Leadership
    1. We Improvise #PickOfTheWeek
      Should we plan or should we improvise?
    2. 5 simple ways to improve meetings
      Meetings are dead ends when talking creates the illusion of action.
  3. Self-development
    1. Your Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals #PickOfTheWeek
      Article explains what goal setting is and gives you background on goal setting theory.
    2. The heart of time management
      Time management begins with knowing what's important.

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