Friday, December 16, 2022

Link Dump #67

It's snowing finally! And what's better in the weather like this than a cup of warm coffee and something good to read?

  1. Software Architecture
    1. Introduction to MACH Architecture #PickOfTheWeek
      What the MACH architecture is and how it can help you deliver better software?
  2. Software Development
    1. Our Approach to Research and A/B Testing
      Why would you like to run A/B tests on everything from UI designs to AI algorithms, and feature launches to bug fixes?
    2. How to Apply Evidence-Based Problem Solving to Improve the Outcomes of Your Projects #PickOfTheWeek
      Being “data-driven” doesn’t help create project success; being evidence-based does.
  3. Clean Code
    1. Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control
      Patterns that allows us to separate what we want to do from when we want to do it with each part knowing as little as possible about the other, thus simplifying our design.
  4. Testing
    1. Role of Containerization in Automation Testing
      How you can use containers for different scenarios related to Automation testing?
  5. Leadership
    1. Rediscovering the joy of mentoring #PickOfTheWeek
      Mentoring is a merging of spirit and aspiration, not a list of tasks.
  6. Agile
    1. 2022 State of Agile Report - 5 Takeaways #PickOfTheWeek
      Key Findings of the 16th Annual State of Agile Report
  7. Project Management
    1. How much management is too much management? #PickOfTheWeek
      A low span of control could be a warning of low productivity (due to a low percentage of operational staff) and a difficult decision-making process due to the long chains of command and conflicting goals of many influential stakeholders.
    2. Leveraging External Systems
      Are you in the business you should be in?
  8. Growth
    1. Choose Courage Over Confidence
      Don’t underestimate the impact of small, yet significant, acts of courage.
  9. Fun
    1. Effort Shift
    2. Conditional Courtesy

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