Friday, April 7, 2023

Link Dump #82

Hope "your spring" works better than mine ;) But even if not, there's always something to read:

  1. #BookOfTheMonth:
    Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs: How to make good programming decisions

  2. Software Architecture
    1. Essential characteristics of the microservice architecture: loosely coupled #PickOfTheWeek
      The article explains why minimizing design-time coupling and minimizing runtime coupling are two of the five dark matter forces that shape a microservice architecture.
    2. Kafka Streams Developer: Techniques to Conquer
      Apache Kafka is a powerful distributed streaming platform that provides a flexible and scalable platform for building real-time data processing applications. The article gives a good overview of the platform and its pros and cons.
    3. Databases: Simple Vs. Complex Vs. Materialized Views
      The article explains what simple and complex SQL views are and how they differ from materialized views. You will also find some practical examples.
  3. Software Development
    1. Deploy an App from Scratch to Kubernetes Before Your Next Break Ends
      This article demystifies the process of deploying an app to a Kubernetes cluster by consolidating all of the steps into one easy-to-follow walkthrough.
    2. Cloud Management Issues Are Coming to a Head
      A survey of 1,300 technology and data executives found that more than a decade after the initial rise of cloud computing, organizations are still struggling to manage these environments.
    3. A Gentle Introduction to Kubernetes 
      In the article you will find information about Kubernetes architecture, objects, workloads and many more.
    4. How LinkedIn automates cherry-picking commits to improve developer productivity #PickOfTheWeek
      How automated Cherry-pick improved developers’ productivity by reducing one of the tedious tasks they need to do in day-to-day work?
  4. Clean Code
    1. Storing information in its highest form #PickOfTheWeek
      How you can store information in its highest form? What does it mean to store the source, not a rendition. In the article you will find an explanation.
  5. Leadership
    1. Storming is Stormy
      The first step to create trust among the team members is to create a context in which they allow themselves to trust.
    2. Don’t Learn the Wrong Lessons from Failure #PickOfTheWeek
      Focusing too much on understanding past failures can unexpectedly reinforce mistakes, creating the illusion of learning rather than enabling real improvement.
    3. 4 reasons we make dumb decisions and 7 ways to make smart decisions
      Our ability to develop solutions that don’t work is only exceeded by our capacity to misjudge. Learn how you can improve your decisions.
  6. Project Management
    1. Trust? In product management? #PickOfTheWeek
      Software products tend to be pretty complex. There are endless edge cases and exception scenarios to cover in the planning and execution phase.

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