Friday, April 28, 2023

Link Dump #85

Another amazing week is almost over. Fortunately, there is still something to read:

  1. Software Architecture
    1. Why event-driven architecture with Apache Kafka is a game-changer for modern businesses?
      The author starts by explaining the basics of EDA and how it works, then he dives into the benefits of implementing EDA with Apache Kafka.
    2. Redpanda vs Apache Kafka
      Learn what are the similarities of the both solutions and when to choose one over another.
  2. Software Development
    1. Getting Started with Keycloak on Docker
      This beginner’s guide discusses the installation of the Keycloak authorization server as a docker container and different configurations for setting up the realm and testing the authorization token flow.
    2. Social tech debt doesn’t mean what you think it means #PickOfTheWeek
      The author explains why with AI help the law of unintended consequences may lead us to build inefficient code ridiculously faster.
    3. Well-maintained Software
      What are a few characteristics of well-maintained software?
    4. I’m a Developer. I Won’t Teach My Kids to Code, and Neither Should You. #PickOfTheWeek
      Programming is messy. Programming is a mix of creativity and determination. Being a developer is about more than syntax, and certain skills can only be taught to the very young.
    5. The Best (and Worst) Reasons to Adopt OpenTelemetry
      In the post, the author shares examples of the best and worst reasons to adopt OpenTelemetry to help you cut through the noise.
  3. Clean Code
    1. Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection design pattern with real world Example
      In this article, you will first see the normal implementation of class and then use of Dependency Injection.
    2. Why "Empirical"? #PickOfTheWeek
      What is and what does empirical software design style look like?
  4. Testing
    1. Automation Testing Strategies for Microservices #PickOfTheWeek
      Testing strategies for microservices require a combination of approaches that focus on testing individual services, as well as testing the interactions between services. Learn what their benefits are.
    2. Functional vs. Non-Functional Testing
      In the article, you will learn the purpose of functional and non-functional testing and differences between them.
  5. Leadership
    1. Farther, Faster, and Far Less Drama
      Effective leaders use Four Leadership Motions to advance with ease and navigate complexity. What are those motions?
    2. When Development Works and When to Let them Go
      Low-aspiration people drive high-aspiration leaders nuts. Ask yourself, “Do they want to grow?”

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