Friday, February 2, 2024

Link Dump #124

Violets are blue
And Roses are red,
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  1. #BookOfTheMonth Effective Java

  2. Software Development
    1. Azure Cost Optimization: A Complete Guide
      Azure cost optimization involves implementing best practices related to managing cloud costs, such as turning off resources when not in use, choosing the right-sized resources, taking advantage of Azure discounts and more.
    2. What Is Observability? Key Components and Best Practices #PickOfTheWeek
      Delve into observability's key components, how observability differs from monitoring, observability's benefits and challenges, and even go over how to implement observability with engineering teams.
  3. Clean Code
    1. The failed promise of Domain-Driven Design - part 3 #PickOfTheWeek
      If DDD didn't fulfill its promise, why are there many companies that claim to have succeeded with it?
  4. Testing
    1. Choosing Between MockMvc and @SpringBootTest for Testing
      Understanding why and when to use each approach is crucial for effective and efficient testing. Each has its unique benefits and use cases.
  5. Leadership
    1. How to Overcome Resistance to Change #PickOfTheWeek
      Whatever the fear, and however it manifests inside your organization, you must understand it to overcome it. And this article will help you with that.
    2. Notice the Things You Notice
      You can’t control what pops into your head, but you can control your attention.
    3. 4 things to do when you don't promote someone
      Rejected internal candidates are nearly twice as likely to leave. Other problems include low morale, strained relationships, job dissatisfaction, and envy. Yet, You can’t promote every qualified employee.
  6. Communication
    1. 7 tips to succeed with difficult conversations
      It’s stressful to host a crucial conversation. Not having it is worse. Every day is dark when you delay difficult conversations, but most of us do.
  7. Fun
    1. 2019 Was a Fine Year

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