Friday, February 23, 2024

Link Dump #127

Cup of Coffee and something worth reading? What else?

  1. Software Architecture
    1. Navigating NoSQL: Choose the Right Database for Your Needs
      The article, helps to find and answer what are the key factors to consider when selecting a NoSQL database?
  2. Software Development
    1. Implementing Closing the Books pattern
      Closing the Books is the essence of Event Sourcing modelling. Thanks to that, we can keep things short and thus run our system efficiently. We’re slicing the lifetime of our process, marking the start and end of the lifecycle using events.
    2. Logging With AOP in Spring
      Aspect-Oriented Programming (or AOP for short) is a paradigm that lets us segregate cross-cutting concerns, such as transaction management or logging, throughout the application without cluttering the business logic. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to implement logging using the AOP and Spring framework.
    3. Falsehoods Junior Developers believe about becoming Senior #PickOfTheWeek
      Senior developers are not all-knowing 10x coders who can make unicorns out of thin air. In the article, you will go through some of the Falsehoods that Juniors believe about Senior Developers.
    4. How No-Code/Low-Code Solutions Impact Business Outcomes
      The rise of low-code/no-code solutions has become increasingly apparent in the past few years. However, it's essential to understand that — like any technology — they come with their own set of benefits, limitations, and misconceptions.
    5. Data Products, Data Contracts, and Change Data Capture #PickOfTheWeek
      In this post, the author shows you how you can build your own Confluent-opinionated data products while isolating your upstream systems from your downstream consumers.
  3. Leadership
    1. Steve Jobs: The Dynamics of An Excellent Team #PickOfTheWeek
      A productive team that pulls the best thinking from all members encourages the friction we need to grow into something transformative.
    2. 7 ways to prepare for one-on-ones like a pro
      Lack of preparation allows toxic habits to contaminate one-on-ones. You often miss when shooting from the hip.
  4. Fun
    1. The Procrastination Loop

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