Friday, April 26, 2024

Link Dump #136

Rhetorical question of the day: is there anything better than reading?

  1. Software Development
    1. 10x Engineers vs -10x Burdens #PickOfTheWeek
      The 10x term is flashy. It grabs attention. Someone hacks a solution in a day, and boom — they’re labeled a 10x engineer. The problem is that the term is skewed by our perception biases. In the article, the author shares his observations on that subject.
    2. Maximizing the value of cloud with FinOps #PickOfTheWeek
      FinOps can have a significant impact on businesses. But business leaders play a vital role in ensuring that the word means more than just glorified reporting — it needs to be met by consistent and collaborative activities that drive change over a sustained period of time.
  2. Languages and Libraries
    1. Java 22: What’s New?
      Java 22, brings a set of enhancements aimed at improving developer experience, code readability, and performance. In the article, you will find some of the highlights.
  3. Testing
    1. Production Comes First - An Outside-In Approach to Building Microservices #PickOfTheWeek
      Martin Thwaites delves into the broad concept of testing, which encapsulates everything from the immediate feedback of linters to the comprehensive evaluation of end-to-end (E2E) testing and beyond into production telemetry and customer feedback.
    2. How I Learned To Stop Writing Brittle Tests and Love Expressive APIs #PickOfTheWeek
      Expressive test APIs are a powerful tool in the fight against brittle, implementation-detail heavy tests. Learn how to apply this approach in your test suites.
  4. Agile
    1. Short Answers to Your Big Questions about User Stories
      Are User Stories the Same As Requirements? Who Writes Acceptance Criteria for User Stories? Is a So That Clause Required on User Stories? Find the answers for those questions in the article.
  5. Project Management
    1. Good Planning – Not Development Methodology – Is the Key to Successful Software Project Delivery #PickOfTheWeek
      Methodology doesn't matter here. Knowing which resources are available and optimizing them makes answering those and other staffing questions that much easier.
  6. Leadership
    1. Four Essential Behaviors for Every Leader
      In the face of all this complexity, there are four basic behaviors that leaders can adopt that will drastically improve their leadership and, by extension, the experience of those they lead.
    2. 10 practices of the leader as coach
      Leaders who tell people what to do can’t coach. The use of authority creates conformity. Learn what you can do to become better as a coach.
  7. Fun
    1. New job

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