Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Rise Above! Elevating Your Code Craftsmanship

Over the past decade, I’ve conducted numerous training sessions, courses, and delivered talks covering diverse aspects of software quality. Throughout my career, I’ve explored topics such as refactoring, testing, various architectures, domain-driven design, event storming, and more. This rich experience not only imparts valuable skills but also provides immense satisfaction.

However, the time constraints of training sessions, talks, webinars, and consultancy engagements often limit us to exploring just one topic at a time. While this isn’t inherently problematic, I’ve long desired to showcase how these solutions can work together, supporting and enhancing one another. The sheer volume of content and information necessitates a different approach. Thus, allow me to introduce my idea:

In the coming months, I plan to delve into the intricacies of designing, building, and evolving applications. I’ll focus on techniques and patterns that help create high quality software, including event storming, domain-driven design, the port and adapters architecture, and microservices.

What should you expect? 

  • A lot of articles, each laser-focused on a specific topic, question, or concern.
  • While all articles contribute to an overarching story, feel free to read them independently and in any order you like.
  • I’ll explore diverse aspects of software development, considering business requirements, risk assessment, and technological considerations.
  • My goal is to demystify decision-making, tackle the inevitable “it depends” scenarios, and guide readers from ideation to practical implementation.


Don’t hesitate to share your feedback or ask questions! Looking forward to connecting again in a week!

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