Friday, May 3, 2024

Link Dump #137

Smell of the coffee or newly bought book? Isn't it great that sometimes you can have both?

  1. #BookOfTheMonth The Software Architect Elevator
  2. Software Architecture
    1. Speed Up Your App: The Power of Distributed Caching
      In the article, you will delve into the magic of distributed caching and you will learn how it can supercharge your application’s performance.
    2. Caching for Performance Optimization in Stateless REST APIs
      In the article, you’ll explore how caching works, discuss its benefits for performance optimization, and showcase different caching strategies you can implement to make your APIs lightning-fast!
    3. Thin Events: The lean muscle of event-driven architecture #PickOfTheWeek
      Learn the differences between thin and thick events, and when you should use them.
  3. Software Development
    1. Rise Above! Elevating Your Code Craftsmanship #PickOfTheWeek
      Delve into the intricacies of designing, building, and evolving applications. Learn techniques and patterns that help create high quality software, including event storming, domain-driven design, the port and adapters architecture, and microservices.
    2. Spring Now Offers Free Access for the Spring Academy Pro Content
      The Spring team has announced that the Pro Content from their Spring Academy will no longer require a paid subscription, effective April 5th 2024, to improve the learning experience for the Spring community.
  4. Testing
    1. isBooleanTooLongAndComplex #PickOfTheWeek
      Learn how to refactor step by step long and complex expressions to increase their readability.
  5. Leadership
    1. The Rise of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Why It Matters More Than Ever
      Whether resolving conflicts, motivating team members, or managing stress, Emotional Intelligence drives the leader’s actions and reactions.
    2. Possible: How to Transform Any Conflict #PickOfTheWeek
      The author explains how to embrace conflict and transform it constructively to bring out the best in us—not the worst.
    3. 4 ways no moves you forward #PickOfTheWeek
      It’s dumb to desire rejection. Yet, in the article, the author presents a few really good and positive aspects of rejection.
  6. Fun
    1. Living forever in AI
    2. Metaception

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