Thursday, May 16, 2024

Elevating Your Code Craftsmanship: Questions and Answers

Recently, I shared the idea of a series of posts designed to guide you through the construction of the Training Center, utilizing a microservices architecture. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

I’m excited to delve a bit deeper into this topic today.

Where Can You Uncover the Project Requirements?

Curious about the business we’re supporting? Head over to the requirements section for a succinct overview and the high-level requirements of the Training Center. Keep in mind, these requirements are dynamic and will evolve over time. Consider this list a primer to the business landscape.

Where to Find Code Examples?

The Training Center Repository on GitHub will serve as the collective home for all code examples. Within this repository, you’ll find details about the used technologies and solutions, alongside recommendations for further reading
Furthermore, it will feature a ordered list of articles that provide a narrative of our developmental voyage.

Is It Just About Coding?

Far from it! The articles will offer a blend of theory, architectural design, and hands-on coding. I aim to document the entire journey, starting from requirement gathering, through architectural design, all the way to the implementation of individual microservices.

How Much Time Will the Series Span?

My goal is to release an article weekly, given the extensive ground we have to cover. Starting with foundational theory (kicking off with Event Storming), we’ll then transition to practical examples. The focus will be on concise articles that tackle specific topics—making it easier for you to digest and for me to craft.

What's The Roadmap?

Below is an outline of the subjects I intend to explore (some may span multiple articles). Each area will be thoroughly discussed through theory, practical examples, and at the reasoning behind each step:
  1. Event Storming
  2. Big Picture Event Storming 
  3. Domain Driven Design
  4. Strategic Domain Driven Design
  5. Ubiquitous language 
  6. Bounded Contexts
  7. Domain Types
  8. Architecture Decision Record
  9. Context Mappings
  10. Process Level Event Storming 
  11. Design Level Event Storming 
  12. Ports and Adapters Architecture
  13. Testing Architecture
  14. Tactical Domain Driven Design 
  15. Test-Driven Development

Are There Additional Topics to Look Forward To?

There’s a plethora of topics on my radar to explore, such as Event-Driven Architecture, Sagas, CQRS, BDD, Consumer-Driven Contracts, and Event Sourcing. The timing and sequence of these topics are still under consideration.

Got More Questions?

Your curiosity fuels this journey. If you have questions or thoughts, please share them in the comments section below.

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